Sunday, September 13, 2015

The offshore sure thing - Your hook, unhooked.

4 years. 

I've been angry with you.
You rolled me under.
Shifted my tide....
spit me out into the mountains...
I return.
I anticipate your altered shoreline...
you've raged 
I can smell your rush...coming in, coming out
The last time you pulled at me
I begged for you to take me, pleaded...
you refused. 
Stopped short. 
Leaving me the lone survivor of your shipwreck. 

4 years.
I haven't seen the sights of you. 
The distance of your swell
The offshore sure thing
Your hook,
Tossed back, washed up 
seaweed tangled
secondary drowning; drowned. 
We're about to settle up
O' Captain! My Captain.

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